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Tools for environmental and personal health



PristineHydro – A water filtration system unlike any other

PristineHydro is leading the way by providing the best water filtration systems in the world utilizing unprecedented researched knowledge to resolve the problems with drinking water that most people are not even aware exist. PristineHydro is part of a new paradigm for comprehensive wellness and healthy living.



EMF PowerPro – Reduce harmful radiation and improve energy efficiency in your home

• Reduce electrical magnetic radiation.
• Save money on your electricity bill.
• Reduce the impact of electrical surges.
• Increase efficiency by stabilizing the voltage.
• Improve power factor of appliances.
• Safe to use 24 hours a day all year round.
• Simple plug in design.



I.Connect from Metaforms

Love and connection is what the I.Connect is about. It establishes a field of life positive connections to enhance our vitality, health and conscious awareness. It supports us as we transform our lives and give our gifts to the world.



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