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About Kathleen Krantz MS LMT#17316


Kathleen studied directly with Vianna Stibal, founder of ThetaHealing® and is a certified ThetaHealer/Teacher. She offers classes in both Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing for working with yourself and others. Kathleen incorporates multiple healing specialties and gifts into her individual and group sessions and teachings. She works to empower others by assisting them with deep levels of healing and in remembering who they truly are.

Additional Areas of Expertise Include:

•   Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner/Teacher
•   Reiki Master/Teacher in Usui, Do Satori, Karuna Reiki®,  & Usui Reiki Holy Fire®
•   Master Rapid Eye Technician (RET)
•   Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection® / Eric Pearl
•   Healing with Forgiveness/Ho’oponopono / Dr. Len
•   Matrix Energetics® / Richard Bartlett
•   Oneness Blessing Giver (Deeksha Giver)
•   9 Great Rights of Enlightenment: Munay-Ki / Q’ero Shaman of Peru
•   Licensed Massage Therapist (17316) specializing in Cranial Sacral and Bowen Therapy
•   Home, Business and Property Clearing with Blessings and Feng Shui Design
•   Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Sat Nam Rasayan Healing as taught by Yogi Bhajan
•  Pranic Healing / Master Choa Kok Sui

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“On Jan 19, 2017, I had a Cat Scan of my lower abdomen to determine if I had any kind of bowel blockage that was interfering with normal bowel functions. An unusual fluid collection measuring 2″ x 1″ x 2” showed up on the screen in the lower pelvis area.

The doctor could not determine what it was. It did not seem to be attached to anything but its presence was definitely of concern. The doctor decided that the course of treatment was to insert a tube through my skin into the mass and drain it. The procedure was set for Feb. 7, 2017.

On Jan 29, Kathleen performed a Theta treatment to remove the mass. She witnessed it leaving my body. Since I had no pain nor specific symptoms associated with the mass, I could not determine if a healing had taken place or not. However, on the day of the proposed procedure after being all hooked up to the CT scanner ready to go, the doctor came in the room and said, ” It’s gone.” I said, “What happened?” He said, ” Damned if I know.” Official findings: Region of concern seen within the right pelvis on the previous study is no longer visualized. There is no evidence of contrast-enhancing collections. Satisfactory appearance is seen with prominent rectal region. There is no adenopathy.”

S.D., Eugene, OR



“I can highly recommend Kathleen for individual or group healing sessions. She is directly connected to Universal energy and divine light, and her work is impeccable. Through direct experience and the testimonials of others, I have been witness to the miracles that occur when working with her. Kathleen’s ability to connect to Spirit is astounding, and through her, healing at the highest level is possible.”

Elizabeth, Eugene, OR



“I had a miracle healing with Kathleen Krantz through Theta Healing. One year ago I was diagnosed at Slocum Medical Center with bone on bone osteoarthritis in my left knee that would require knee replacement surgery. I chose to try other healing modalities and adaptations to strengthen my knee area and avoid surgery.

Kathleen and I did a session over the phone over 2 days. The result of that healing was that my left tibia grew 7 mm in length so that now my knees were level. I felt growing pains like shinsplints over the next week or two and then it felt as though I was tipping when I had my shoe on my left foot that had the lift built in to the soul of the shoe. And I put on my new shoes with the Orthotics with no lift and my knees felt good and I had a strike now instead of a waffle. Knowing on a deep level that my tibia had lengthened, I went back to the same chiropractor with the same x-ray equipment in the same room with the same x-ray technician from nine years ago and the x-ray proved that my left tibia had grown 7mm.

I was ecstatic, the chiropractor was dumbfounded, my physical therapist witnessed the change in my gait and strength And my nurse practitioner called it a miracle. I had so much faith in the healing of my body that my motto became “I could grow bone I certainly could grow cartilage and synovial fluid, curing the arthritis”

I had another in person session with Kathleen and within a couple of weeks I had motion, mobility, no pain, no bone on bone and people who hadn’t seen me in a few months begin to ask if I had had knee surgery because I moved so well. No knee surgery, and I have my energy and stamina back. I need to take it slow because the muscles atrophied after not using them for so long. I am working up to walking longer and longer periods of time. I can bend and squat and kneel on the floor with no pain. I get up from a sitting position without grimacing.

I highly recommend Kathleen Krantz and all her healing modalities but especially Theta Healing. I have my life back and didn’t need to go through any surgery.”


Barb Ryan



“When I got home last night from the ThetaHealing practice group my husband told me that I looked 15 years younger! He wanted to know what I did.”

Jan Konow
Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher



“I spent the weekend (Friday-Sunday) learning the art of ThetaHealing with Kathleen Krantz. What an amazing time! I feel really great. I’m so full of information, I’m still processing. Blessings everyone!”

Elan Buba